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This site features two categories of hardware for architectural rigging provided by Ronstan and other quality hardware manufacturers:

Structural Members: cable, rods and structural bars

Accessories: end fittings for cable, rod and wire rope, shackles and associated components

Complete product selection details are offered, including product codes, dimensions, ratings, and basic selection and use recommendations.

If you have design, engineering, installation or operational questions related to architectural rigging, please contact Ronstan by clicking here.

Ronstan also offers complete solutions for Tensile Architecture projects, covering all stages from design through project management to installation.

For more information click here to visit the Ronstan Tensile Architecture web site.

Ronstan rod/bar systems are available in a wide variety of material grades and finishes in stainless or carbon steel allowing the optimization of your structure. Diameters from 4.8mm (3/16”) to 100mm (4”).

Ronstan cables and end fittings are manufactured to the highest aesthetic and structural standards, fully load rated, and available from 2.5mm (3/32”) to 140mm (5 ½”) in diameter in stainless or carbon steel.

A refreshingly simple approach to balustrade/railing cables. Five innovative, aesthetic and functional systems are presented as one number for simple complete detailing, and clear interpretation by architect, builder and client.

Individual rigging components for cable and rod. Stainless steel cable, anchor fittings and DIY tools.